Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Courses after 12th Commerce

The courses under Commerce stream are gaining popularity now a days as the Commerce students have, compared to other streams,  wider choices for a bright career. However, knowingly or unknowingly the comparison with Science Stream always creeps in while considering the courses under Commerce Stream though the “should have” station is already left behind and in most of the courses the entry path is stream wise segmented.
In developing countries like ours, the prospects for a better career for commerce students also are becoming brighter due to following reasons:

1. The Monetary Economy has replaced Barter Economy
2. Even small people consider their vocation as a conduit to prosperity and not a means of sustenance which has broad based the economy.
3. The consumerism and materialistic approach to life are pushing the demands to satisfy “wants”, “comforts” and “luxuries” beyond “needs”.
4. Economy has already moved from Primary Sector (agriculture, mining, forestry, etc) to Secondary Sector (industry/manufacturing) and now moving to Tertiary Sector (Services – Financial, Retailing, Insurance, Travel, etc). This Sector provides lucrative job opportunities in large numbers.
5. Increasing say of the women in the society as an income earner, spender and decision maker.
6.  More money at the disposal of upwardly mobile young generation.
7. Change in the mind set of people – From “Save for Security in Future” to “Expend for Enjoyment at Present”.
8.  Increasing trend of online Shopping from gadgets to garlic.
9.  Ever increasing need of the people for tax planning in the face f ever spreading and tightening Tax Regime.
10.  Increasing liquidity with the people looking for informed investment decision.
11. There is growing demand from banks, insurance companies, audit firms, etc for bright commerce graduates.

Some readers might find the discussion of the above reasons not directly connected with the topic but it will be useful to students have to find a job after closing their college books.

Courses After 12th for Commerce Students (some courses needs ranking in Entrance Test):
The most sought after courses after 12th Commerce are:
   1.     Master of  Business Administration (Integrated )
   2.     Chartered Accountant (Foundation)
   3.     Company Secretary (Foundation)
   4.     L L B (Integrated – 5 years)
The students who do not want to take up / cannot take up the above course, would opt for:

       B  Com (the course selected by large chunk f students)

  •      BBA 
  •        BCA  
  •        B Arch 
  •        BA

The B. Com. Graduate can further pursue:

   1.  MBA
   2. CMA (previously called ICWA)
   3. CFA (After 4 years’ experience)
   4. MCA
   5.  MCM
   6. CA 
   7. CS
   8. LLB 
   9. B Ed

The BCA Graduate can further pursue:

1.  MCA  
     2. MBA 
     3. LLB   

Apart frm above popular courses, following are a few niche/ special Degree and Diploma / Certificate courses worth considering:
  •  Hospitality
  •  Animation and Multimedia
  •  Journalism and Mass Communication
  •  Event Management
  •  Fashion Design and Technology
  •  Hotel Management
  •  Actuarial Science (Science of assessing risk in insurance, finance, etc)   
  •  Certified Financial Planner

In my previous blog, I have dwelt upon the option of studying overseas after 12th. Though it is advisable to explore this option after graduation, option of studying overseas after 12th should not be ruled out altogether as it has also “Early Bird” advantage, particularly when the destination countries are tightening the rules in this regards day by day. Admission in overseas colleges requires proficiency test in English viz. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL. With banks’ liberal loan policy for overseas students and availability of part-time work in destination country finance may not a problem but securing required score in English proficiency test may pose challenge to students.
Another plus point for the students of Commerce is a practical use of academic knowledge if they venture into own business through launching a new Start Up or by taking up the reins of family business. Every business needs a commerce hand. Moreover, chances of commerce students making money out of the inventions made by the science students are higher than the latter themselves doing so.