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Aadhar Card Facts & Features



Have you obtained your Aadhar Card? Most probably, YES. Yes or No, this piece of information of will certainly interest you.

1. Who issues the Aadhar card?

The Aadhar Card is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory body established by Govt of India.  

2. Only One Aadhar card for a person

An individual can have only one Aadhar Card. Through the process of demographic and biometric filtering, same individual cannot obtain two Aadhar Cards. If the person applies for second Aadhar Card, his/her second application will be rejected. 

3. Any where, Any time verification

The authorized agencies can verify the Aadhar Card on line from any place at any time across the country.

4. Random number

Unique 12 digit Aadhaar number is generated randomly without any “trail” to the personal information about the card holder other than what is given on the card. This means no authority has any access to the card holder’s details like vocation, caste, marital status, religion, income, health, native place, etc.

5. Uniform, standard and robust high tech frame work 

The Aadhar Card system a uniform, standard and robust high tech frame work though out the country is a robust and uniform and standard throughout the country enabling versatile seamless application by multi users at a time.  

6. Brand neutral technologies and hardwares 

The entire architecture of Aadhar Card is developed on Open Source architecture which is “Brand Neutral” in respect of its compatibility with different types of computer hardware, storage, operating system, etc. 

7. Affordability

Issuance of Aadhar Card is free to all residents. 

8. For any resident of India

It is not issued to only Indian citizens. Any residents of India can obtain the Aadhar Card, irrespective of his/her citizenship.

9. Aadhar Card is Voluntary 

Enrollment for Aadhar Card is not mandatory. No penalty for not getting enrolled for Aadhar Card.

10. Not a proof of Citizenship 

Mere holding the Aadhar Card, is not a proof of Citizenship of India. It is only a document of identity of the holder of the card.

11. Physical presence for enrollment

Physical presence is necessary for enrolment and giving bio-metric.  

12. On line Registration not possible

The system does not have facility for online enrollment by the individual himself/herself. Enrollment is through authorized Enrollment Agency. 

13. Locking your Aadhar Bio-metrics

If you are apprehending (doubting) the misuse of your Aadhar Card by any person or authority, you yourself can lock online your Aadhar Card bio-metrics with the help of OTP (One Time Password) sent on your Mobile No. linked with Aadhar Card. Once “locked” by you, nobody (including Govt agencies) can access your bio-metrics. A “locked” Aadhar card can also be unlocked by the card holder with the help of OTP.

14. Age No Bar

There are no age criteria to enroll for the Aadhaar Card. Infants can also be enrolled with certain terms and conditions. 

15. Updating Your Aadhar Card

If your mobile number is linked with the Aadhar Card, online updating of the card is also possible. Or else, you can approach any Enrollment Agency for Updation.

16. Punishment to prevent misuse of Aadhar Card Data

Necessary precautions are taken to prevent the misuse of Aadhar Card and Aadhar Card Data base. Misuse of Aadhar Card and/ or Aadhar Card Data base is made a punishable offence. Looking to the gravity of the offence, the penalty could go up to three years imprisonment or a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh or both. 

The Act also specifies a harsh penalty of at least Rs 10 lakh for unauthorized access to Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR), a entity regulated by UIDAI. Further it is provided that the agencies that collect the Aadhaar number will also have to specify whether submission of the number or proof of Aadhaar is mandatory or voluntary. In case it is voluntary, the agencies will then have to specify "alternatives" to the Aadhaar document.


It is not feasible to deal with the above subject matter in its entirety in the blog. The information provided above is only for general awareness of the readers. The reader is advised to refer to the official sources of information before acting on the above information. 

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